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Driving While High Will Get You Tickets That Are High: DUI Weed Driving in Missouri

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A DUI does not only mean driving while drunk. If you drive while under any influence that can impair your motor skills, you can still get a DUI. While Missouri marijuana legislation is still solely for medical purposes, DUI due to marijuana use is still relatively common. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: Missouri Marijuana Motorists [...]

Missouri Red Light Cameras: Not the Picture You Want

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Missouri Red Light Cameras: Not the Picture You Want In 2018, around 30 cities in Missouri have red light cameras installed and have led to quite the number of traffic violations, tickets, and admittedly unhappy citizens. Whether you are a truck driver for a business or a motorist minding his or her own business, the sight [...]

Why you need a traffic attorney

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If you receive a traffic violation, you may be wondering if you need to hire a traffic attorney. Speeding, drunk driving, and other driving infractions come with serious penalties and fines, and hiring a lawyer can numerous advantages when you go to court. These reasons make it worth consulting a traffic attorney: Avoid points on your [...]

3 Things to Know about Traffic Violations

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Traffic tickets and citations can come with serious penalties. It may be difficult to determine what the consequences will be, particularly if this isn’t your first moving violation. Here are the top things to know about citations: Insurance rates increase Although you are probably aware that accidents can cause your insurance rates to rise, tickets can [...]